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Advance Information System

Digital Signature

What is e-Token?
  • An electronic method that allows documents to be signed using data that proves the identity of the signatory in an accurate manner that cannot be tampered with
  • e-Token is used within automation systems to authenticate documents exchanged between system users
  • e-Token is used in online financial, commercial and administrative transactions and government services.
What are the advantages of e-Token?
  • Establishing the identity of the signatory with undeniable accuracy
  • Securing data within the documents against alteration or manipulation during exchange between system users using the method of "encryption" and comparing the fingerprint of the sent message with that of the received message.
  • Preventing the unauthorized handling of electronically signed documents.
How to obtain and activate the electronic signature service on Nafeza
  • Apply for e-Token at any of the companies authorized to provide the service
  • You will receive the e-Token device from the service provider
  • Insert the device in the computer and go to Nafeza online portal
  • Click on the "Sign Document" icon that will appear on different screens to sign using your own signature