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Advance Information System

Advance Cargo Information (ACI) Phase 1 Steps

  1. The egyptian importer log in to the online portal (Nafeza) using your username and password"
  2. Select the option to request ACID 01.jpg
  3. Importer data will automatically appear

  4. Insert foreign exporter data

  5. Insert key shipment data

  6. After the key shipment data entry is completed, you will be automatically taken to the required detailed data entry window, which includes:
A) Inventory and item data:
  • Approved value
  • Customs system
  • Submission system
  • Cargo delivery site/ arrival customs
  • Customs item number and item data (item type/ item description/ operations number/ country of origin)
  • Statistical customs quantity/ weight
B) Initial bill of lading data (if any):
  • Bill number
  • Port of loading
  • Port of arrival
  • Shipping company
  • Fright number
  • Shipping agency (optional)
  • Name of means of transportation
  • Weight (gross/net)
  • Number of parcels
C) Invoice info:
    • Invoice/PO number
    • Invoice date
    • Type of contract
    • Invoice value
    • Fright number
    • Billing currency
    • Nationality of the foreign exporter
    • Invoice items (tariff item/ description of tariff item/ gross and net weight/ unit weight/ statistical customs quantity/ item price)
  1. Select "Request to issue ACID"
  2. An email is automatically sent to the Egyptian importer and foreign exporter with ACID